Changelog for March 2022

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during March 2022.

Content changes

  • Our documentation has undergone an Extreme Makeover! The docs are now divided into seven easy-to-use sections:

    • Getting started overview

      • Updated tutorial for the first time request. Also includes a Try It now feature right on the tutorial page. (3/14/2022)
      • Improved descriptions and steps for authentication. (3/14/2022)
      • Added architectural diagrams as a visual representation of our APIs. (3/14/2022)
    • Products

      • New section and content. (3/14/2022)
      • Conceptual information about each product. (3/14/2022)
    • Connections

      • Added integrations guides for available connections, such as gateways and processors.
        • Added Cybersource integration guide. (3/30/2022)
        • Added Fortis (Zeamster) integration guide. (3/30/2022)
        • Added Adyen integration guide. (3/30/2022)
        • Added integration guide. (3/23/2022)
        • Added Checkout integration guide. (3/23/2022)
        • Added NMI integration guide. (3/14/2022)
        • Added USAePay integration guide. (3/14/2022)
      • New section and content. (3/14/2022)
    • Payment methods

      • Updated supported currencies and created currency overview topic. (3/23/2022)
      • Reorganized content for the available payment methods. (3/14/2022)
      • Created quick-reference table for each payment method. (3/14/2022)
      • Added specific documentation for AliPay, GooglePay, Paynet, SPEI, UnionPay, and WechatPay. (3/14/2022)
      • Added tutorial for Refund. (3/14/2022)
    • Tutorials

      • Updated tutorials for 3D Secure. (3/30/2022)
      • Added Managing chargebacks information. (3/23/2022)
      • Added Payouts information. (3/23/2022)
      • Organized sections by product. (3/14/2022)
    • Developer tools overview

      • Added webhook events information for Payouts. (3/23/2022)
      • Added constants reference table for Payouts. (3/16/2022)
      • Added page about sandbox environments. (3/14/2022)
      • Revamped tutorial for customizing the Nexio iframe, including translation. (3/14/2022)
      • Improved documentation about using parameters to filter and search in a request, as well as to request certain parameters be included in the response. (3/14/2022)
      • Added constants reference table for secCode. (3/14/2022)
    • API Reference

      • Added examples for one-time-use token endpoints for ecommerce and alternative payment methods. (3/16/2022)
      • Updated parameters and objects for endpoints. (3/14/2022)

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementReportingThe View transactions endpoint has been updated to include all possible query parameters in the request schema.
EnhancementPayoutsThe Payouts API now allows you to submit and view payouts, and create and view payout recipients.
EnhancementReportingThe View transaction by payment ID endpoint has been updated to include all possible response parameters.
EnhancementPaymentsThe Pair terminal endpoint now enables a USAePay terminal to be paired via API.
EnhancementReseller ServicesThe Reseller Services API now allows resellers to pre-populate an online application for card processing from the Create online application endpoint.

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