Getting started overview

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These guides and tutorials walk you through each step for Nexio products and features.

This Getting Started section contains basic information about getting started with using the Nexio documentation and APIs.

Developer Portal - Learn more about this portal.

Stay up to date with everything Nexio documentation in our Changelog, including updates and additions to the APIs.

Key concepts

The Guides section contains concepts, tutorials, and examples that aim to convey one or more key concepts. The concepts we are concerned with are the following:

  • Understanding Core Functionality: Grasping the primary capabilities of the API or tool.
  • Developing Practical Skills: Gaining hands-on experience through guided examples.
  • Applying Best Practices: Learning how to use the API or tool effectively and efficiently.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues: Identifying and resolving frequent challenges.
  • Following Security Protocols: Implementing necessary steps to secure applications.
  • Integrating Components: Learning how the API or tool fits within a larger ecosystem.
  • Optimizing Performance: Tips for enhancing the performance of applications using the API or tool.
  • Automating Tasks: Understanding how to automate processes and workflows.
  • Scaling Applications: Insights on how to scale applications that use the API or tool.
  • Lifecycle Management: Managing the end-to-end lifecycle of API interaction or product usage.

These outcomes collectively provide a roadmap for developers to transition from basic understanding to competent implementation.

Additional tools

  • Ready to get started? Create Sandbox Test Account.
  • See transactions and manage some settings in the Nexio Dashboard.
  • Try out API requests from the API Reference. See the endpoint description for information about how to use the feature, then provide the necessary content, either through the request body area or through the examples in the Try It area.
  • Recipes walk developers through a code sample step by step to help them get started with our APIs faster. There are recipes for creating a backend server and several different web pages for a frontend.
  • For a tool to help with running common Nexio API requests, see the Tester app.
  • To start sending test requests without writing any code, download and explore our Postman collection using the following button:
    Run in Postman

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