Handling gateway declines

If a card transaction is declined by the gateway, Nexio returns an HTTP status code and a Nexio error code.
Additionally, the payment is not processed.

The system shapes the response as shown in the example below.

  "error": 435,
  "message": "Declined for CVV failure",
  "gatewayResponse": {
    "gatewayName": "yourGateway",
    "refNum": "3113320943",
    "status": "pending"
  "merchantId": "100100"

Common gateway declines

See the table below for a list of the most common gateway declines.

Nexio Error CodeMessageHTTP Status Code
435Pickup Card400
435Do not Honor400
435Invalid Transaction400
435Invalid Issuer400
435Unable to locate Record400
435Insufficient funds400
435Invalid Pin400
435Transaction Not Permitted400
435Restricted Card400
435Excess withdrawal count400
435Allowable number of pin tries exceeded400
435No checking account400
435Declined for CVV failure400