Getting started with subscriptions

Nexio's subscription service allows you to run recurring transactions.
These can be in the form of basic subscriptions or pay plans.

Subscriptions set transactions to run for a specified amount on a predefined schedule.
When you create a subscription, you set the following parameters:

  • Amount: ( The amount that will be charged during each transaction

  • Interval: (schedule.interval) The schedule's time period. May be days, weeks, months, or years

  • Interval count: (schedule.intervalCount) The number of intervals that will pass between transactions.

    See the table below for examples of how the interval and interval count create the subscription schedule

  • Initial billing period (optional): If desired, you may set an initial billing period during which the transactions will be run for an amount different than the subscription amount. (For example, during a discounted trial period.)

    To set an initial billing period, include the following parameters:

    • Initial Billing Period End Date: (schedule.dateInitialBillingEnd) The date at which the initial billing period will end.

      Transactions prior to this date will be run for the initial billing amount.
      Transactions after this date will be run for the subscription amount.

    • Initial billing Amount: (schedule.initialBillingAmount) The transaction amount during the initial billing period

Subscription schedule examples table

Interval CountIntervalExplanation
30DayTransactions will run every 30 days
4WeekTransactions will run every 4 weeks
2MonthTransactions will run every other month