Common errors

The following are common errors that you might receive.

Please contact us if you want to discuss or get assistance with error messages.

Error code table

Nexio Error CodeDescriptionHTTP Status Code
404The requested item is not found404
404Merchant not found or invalid merchant configuration404
408Payment gateway timeout400
409Invalid payment request. Possible causes include any of the following:
  • Specifying a currency that is not supported by any MID on the account.
  • Using a payment method that is not supported by any MID on the account.
  • Specifying an invalid paymentOptionTag for the merchant account.
  • Using a merchant account that does not have a valid MID.
418Unsupported action or browser, or device does not support Apple Pay400
431Kount has identified a possible risk with the transaction400
432Invalid currency400
433Invalid gateway400
434Invalid TokenEx configuration400
435Unable to process with gateway400
436Unable to capture void or refund400
436Missing required fields400
437Failed card security code check400
438Invalid request400
439Unable to load TokenEx500
440Insufficient access401
441Amount needs to be a number400
443Verify AVS Failed400
5xxGeneric server error500

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