Tagging an existing card for de-registration

  1. Update the Card's Registration Tag

    Send a PUT request to the Update card token endpoint. Include the parameter shouldUpdateCard: false in the body of your request.

    Example Request
    curl -X PUT https://api.nexiopaysandbox.com/pay/v3/vault/card/{cardToken} \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H 'Accept: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: Basic [Base64_encoded_login]'
      -d '{
      "shouldUpdateCard": false
  2. Check the Card's Status (Optional)

    Send a GET request to the View card token details endpoint.

    The response will include a string value called accountUpdaterStatus. This is the card's enrollment status.

    See the account updater Card status table for more information.



    It usually takes three to four business days for a card token to become de-registered with account updater.

    Example Request
    curl -X GET https://api.nexiopaysandbox.com/pay/v3/vault/card/{cardToken} \
      -H 'Accept: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: Basic [Base64_encoded_login]'
    Example 200 Response
      "accountUpdaterStatus": "isRegistered",
      "card": {...},
      "data": {...},
      "dateCreated": "2019-07-31T17:02:39.035Z",
      "dateLastModified": "2019-07-31T18:33:30.660Z",
      "merchantId": "100100",
      "shouldUpdateCard": false,
      "tokenex": {...}