Getting started with pay plans

Nexio's subscription service allows you to run recurring transactions. These can be in the form of basic subscriptions or pay plans.

Pay plans set recurring transactions to run until the pre-specified balance is paid in full.
To create a pay plan, create a subscription and include the following parameters in your request:

  • Balance: (schedule.balance) The total amount to be charged over the course of the pay plan.

  • Interval: (schedule.interval) The pay plan's time period. May be days, weeks, months, or years.

  • Interval count: (schedule.intervalCount) The number of intervals that will pass between transactions.

    See the Subscription schedule examples table for examples of how the interval and interval count create the subscription schedule.

  • Amount (conditionally required): ( The amount to be charged during each transaction.

    If amount is not provided the duration will be used to calculate the amount to be charged during each transaction.

  • Duration (conditionally required): (schedule.duration) The duration of the subscription. This is the number of transactions that will run before the pay plan terminates.



You must provide either an amount or a duration.

If you provide both, amount will be used and duration will be ignored.