Alternative payment methods

Nexio's alternative payment method (APM) service allows you to offer shoppers multiple APMs with a single integration. Based on your preferred workflow, you may want to use the Express APM iframe, display one or more Nexio-provided APM button iframes, or send shoppers directly to your chosen APM using Nexio-provided redirect URLs.

For more detailed information about all payment methods, see the Payment methods documentation.


A card transaction is authorized when the issuing bank approves the transaction. Funds are not moved during authorization. A transaction may be run as an auth only and captured at a later time or authorized and captured simultaneously.

Auth only

An auth only transaction is a transaction that is only authorized. It must be captured in order for funds to be moved.

Authorize and capture

A transaction is processed once it has been authorized and captured. By default, all card transactions run through Nexio are authorized and captured simultaneously.


A transaction is captured when the funds are moved.

Card transaction

A card transaction refers to either a credit or debit card transaction.

Independent software vendor (ISV)

A software company that may also provide payment solutions to their customers.


A merchant can be a business that may require payment solutions. It may also be used to identify a business owner or a customer (of an ISV).

Merchant ID

Each merchant account will be assigned a merchant ID (also known as a "MID") upon signing a contract with Nexio.


See Authorize and capture.