How do I route all transactions with a specific item to a relationship?

For cases where a transaction contains a certain item that you want to route to a specific relationship (with a merchant account provider, a processor, or an acquirer/bank), use Nexio's item routing feature.

You do this by setting up item routing at the level of the Nexio merchant account (MID) for an item based on the attributes of item, description, or type from the data.cart.items object.

Before you begin setting up item-based payment routing, Nexio recommends that you understand the following notes.



  • For routing by item, your Nexio account must be configured with a single API user account for all the transactions.
  • If you add, change, or delete an item routing rule, the change becomes effective for transactions after that change date.
  • In general, the Nexio system does what it can to allow payments to succeed.