Constant ACH transaction values

For echeck transactions, the following values are used.

See also the table for the echeck transaction status.

Standard Entry Class code (secCode)

The Standard Entry Class (SEC) code (secCode) is for echeck transactions. These values can be sent in the following requests as the data.secCode parameter:

The following table displays the commonly used codes. Contact your echeck processor for the codes that you can use for your account.

ARCAccounts Receivable Entry
BOCBack Office Conversion
CCDCorporate Credit or Debit
CIECustomer-Initiated Entry
CTXCorporate Trade Exchange
IATInternational ACH Transaction
POPPoint-of-Purchase Entry
PPDPrearranged Payment and Deposit
RCKRe-presented Check Entry
TELTelephone-Initiated Entry
WEBInternet-Initiated/Mobile Entry
XCKDestroyed Check Entry