View deposit summary

Returns a summary of all deposits with the given range for the specified merchant ID or IDs, or for all merchant accounts associated with the API user.

You send the request with zero of more of the query parameters to limit the results as in the following example:


See the Filtering using query parameters topic in Guides for a full tutorial. Note that if you do not include a parameter for this endpoint, the system uses the default value for the request.

For the response, the amounts presented may be different than what was authorized, as the funds may not have settled yet. Amounts being processed may differ temporarily from batch totals if they experience a temporary risk hold; common reasons include large single transactions, unusual activity, or unexpected volume increases. Check the batch details in a few days after it's finalized.


Try It

To use the Try It feature for this endpoint, you must use the credentials for your Sandbox API user.

Request parameters

  • limit
  • offset
  • startDate
  • endDate
  • merchantIds

Response parameters

  • offset
  • limit
  • rows (array)
  • rows.merchantId
  • rows.dda
  • rows.amount
  • rows.currencyId
  • rows.createdAt
  • rows.updatedAt
  • rows.processor
  • rows.processor.originalId
  • rows.processor.processorType
  • rows.details (array)
  • rows.details.achDetailId
  • rows.details.type
  • rows.details.thirdPartyFundedAmount
  • rows.details.amount
  • rows.details.currencyId
  • rows.details.achSummaryId
  • rows.details.processor
  • rows.details.processor.originalId
  • rows.details.processor.processorType
  • rows.details.processor.batchRef
  • rows.details.processor.achDetailId
  • hasMore
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