View application by onboarding ID

Returns the application information for a specific onboardingId that is associated with the Nexio account used to authenticate.



  • You cannot use this endpoint in the sandbox environment.
  • For authentication with this endpoint, use your Production API user credentials.


Try It

Due to technical limitations, it is not possible to use the Try It feature with this endpoint. Instead, for the production environment, use something like Postman or your own server (along with the credentials for your Production API user) to make the request.

Request parameters

  • onboardingId

Response parameters

  • merchantName
  • merchantId
  • status
  • signer
  • phoneNumber
  • agentName
  • repCode
  • agentId
  • onboardingId
  • credsReady
  • pendingItemsUpdatedAt
  • pendingNotes.dateAdded
  • pendingNotes.note
  • apiUserCredentials.apiKey
  • apiUserCredentials.userName
  • apiUserCredentials.merchantIds
  • apiUserCredentials.accountId
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