Register webhook URLs

Registers webhooks for a specific merchant ID or payout account ID. These webhooks are callbacks for transactions, payouts, or spendbacks.

  • Each webhook for a merchant ID receives the same information for all transaction events.
  • Each webhook for a payout account ID receives the same information for all payout and spendback events.

You can create multiple webhooks for the same merchant ID or payout account ID. This is useful for situations where you have multiple workflows from a single event, such as when you need to send the information to two different internal departments but they need to do different things with the same information.


Try It

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Request parameters

  • merchantId
  • webhookUrls
  • payoutAccountId

Response parameters

  • merchantId
  • payoutAccountId
  • webhookUrls
  • dateCreated
  • dateLastModified

Next steps

For the legacy method for creating webhooks, see the Create legacy merchant webhooks endpoint.

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