Refund a transaction

Allows you to refund a credit or debit card transaction using the Nexio Payment ID. To do so:

  1. Run a transaction using the Run card transaction endpoint.
  2. Retrieve the id from the response. This is the Nexio Payment ID.
  3. Include that id in the body of your request to this endpoint.

Request parameters

  • id
  • data
  • data.amount

Response parameters

  • amount
  • authCode
  • currency
  • data
  • data.amount
  • data.currency
  • data.settlementCurrency
  • gatewayResponse
  • gatewayResponse.gatewayName
  • gatewayResponse.refNumber
  • id
  • merchantId
  • message
  • transactionDate
  • transactionStatus
  • transactionType
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