Sandbox environments

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See also, Requirements in the Getting Started section.

Testing in sandbox

After you have credentials and your sandbox set up, you can start sending requests and testing out our products and features.

You can use any of the following to help you develop your site in the sandbox:

Nexio dashboardNexio dashboard

Nexio dashboard

See transactions and manage some settings.

Access the dashboard →

Nexio iframe testerNexio iframe tester

Nexio iframe tester

Try out several API requests from a web browser.

Try it out →



Download and explore our Postman collection, then start sending test requests without writing any code.

To learn more about making requests, start with the Base URLs and environments topic in the Getting Started section.

Run in Postman →

Code examples on GitHubCode examples on GitHub

Code examples on GitHub

Get more code samples (including PHP, Node, C# and plugin examples for WooCommerce and Magento).

Open GitHub →

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