To get started using the Nexio API you need the following:

  • Nexio credentials: To get credentials do one of the following:

  • An HTTP client: Use any HTTP client that supports TLS 1.2 at a minimum.

    Our API Reference includes a "Request Sample" area for each endpoint that allows you to view examples in many coding languages, as well as Try it out directly from the documentation.

    You can also download our Postman collection.



    The HTTP client must be running on your backend server. For security reasons, Nexio does not allow you to make API calls from a frontend server or from a web browser.

    Making API calls from a backend server allows you to keep your API credentials safe.

    For information on how to set up your backend server to do this, and how it ties in with your frontend, see the Configuring your backend server to listen for requests from the frontend recipe.

Supported browsers

In order to provide the best user experience, we test our payment iframes on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari 12
  • Internet Explorer 11

If you are having a browser-related issue, please contact Integrations Support.