Running a keyed transaction with the iframe

  1. Authenticate

    You may authenticate through either of the following options:

  2. Load the Iframe

    • The run transaction iframe will load by default
    • You may also select additional UI options as shown in the UI options table.

    See the examples below:

  3. Select ‘Card (keyed)’ in the Payment Method Dropdown



    If you do not see the Payment Method dropdown, your account does not yet have a terminal registered.

    If this is the case, contact Integrations Support for help getting registered with a terminal, then continue to step 4.

  4. Enter or Confirm the Amount

  5. Key in Card Information

  6. Click ‘Pay $X.XX’

  7. Create a Receipt

    The iframe will display a simple success page—it does not generate a default receipt.
    Use our response to create a success/confirmation page and your own receipt.