Recurring billing overview

The term, "recurring billing", is used to mean a variety of transaction situations. For Nexio, we use the term to mean a series of transactions over time (usually automated) where the card or customer may not be present. Sometimes, these are known as "card on file" transactions. We differentiate between having a saved card token that a customer can use to pay for a transaction and scheduled transactions that may not directly involve a customer after being set up.

The scheduled transactions may be used to pay down a balance or to run transactions for a specific amount on a set schedule. For either of these, it is possible for the merchant account to get paid up-front for the entire amount or to get paid an amount on a schedule that you, a payment method, or Nexio maintains.

For a general overview of subscriptions with cards, see Billing (Recurring Billing) in the Getting Started section.

This section covers payments over time and paying down a balance: