How do I keep a relationship active at a specific transaction percentage?

There may be cases where you want to keep a relationship (with a merchant account provider, a processor, or an acquirer/bank) active or to keep to a contractual monthly gross of authorized transactions (also known as transaction volume).

You do this by setting up target allocations at the level of the Nexio merchant account (MID) for MIDs that support the transaction currency.

Before you begin setting up target allocations, Nexio recommends that you understand the following notes.



  • If you want routing to be equal for all the API user's MIDs that support the transaction currency, you do not need to create a target allocation rule because that is the default behavior.
  • For target allocation, your Nexio account must be configured with a single API user account for all the transactions
  • The transaction volume only includes card and e-check transactions. Transactions using alternative payment methods (APMs) are not included in this volume amount.
  • The transaction volume does not get modified for transactions that were successful but then later voided or refunded
  • The transaction volume amount includes the amount for an auth only transaction at the time of the transaction (rather than when the transaction is actually captured).
  • If you change the target allocations, the change is effective from that change date. Thereafter, the system attempts to send transactions based on the new target allocation percentages and based on where the current monthly transaction amount is for each MID. If the change in allocation percentages is large, or if the change happens late in the month, then one MID will get 100% of the transactions for a time during the remainder of the month. Therefore, use caution when making changes in the middle of the month.
  • In general, the Nexio system does what it can to allow payments to succeed.