Using the integration guides

Nexio's integration guides for alternative payment methods (APM) allow you to offer shoppers one or more APMs with a single integration.

The Payment Methods documentation contains integration guides, configuration steps, and transaction workflows for all supported alternative payment methods.

Intended audience

This documentation is intended for developers looking to allow online consumers to make purchases on a merchant’s website using one or more alternative payment methods.

Developers should already have experience using the Nexio APIs and understand how to create one-time-use tokens, send and receive requests, and work with the Sale, Auth Only, Capture, and Refund transaction types. For more more information about these things, see Getting started overview. And then work through the concepts and examples in Getting started with ecommerce.

Error handling

For help with errors and declines, see Handling errors and declines topic in the Developer Tools section.


If you encounter issues while implementing or testing a payment method, contact Integrations Support.