Chargeback management overview

The chargeback tool in Nexio Dashboard is designed to assist merchants in working their chargebacks completely online.

To view customer chargebacks, access the Nexio Dashboard, log in with your Nexio account credentials, and select the "Chargebacks" tab to the left of the screen.

The lower section of the screen displays the date range, report heading, search or sort functions, and details of the chargebacks within the requested date range. Perform a search of the chargeback you would like to dispute by adjusting the Date Range. Include any additional details in the search/sort function. Nexio automatically begins searching for the chargeback with the information you provide.

Once you have found the chargeback that you would like to fight, hover over the chargeback itself and double-click with your mouse. Additional details of the chargeback will appear providing you details such as the reason code and reason for the chargeback, dollar amount, truncated card number, card type, and so forth.

The lower section of the chargeback detail screen is where you can fight the chargeback. The section to the left is where you will add your dispute comments. the section to the right is where you can upload your supporting documents.

In the comment section to the left, you will want to include as much detail about the sale and purchased item. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Description of services or product sold.
  • An explanation that was explained to the customer involving any Terms and conditions associated with the services or product sold.
  • An brief description of any type of return policy set into place for items sold.
  • Any additional information pertinent to the original sales transaction.

Supporting documentation should always include the following:

  • A copy of the receipt or screenshot of the original sales transaction.
  • If possible a picture of the signed receipt.
  • Any Terms and Conditions associated with the services or product sold.
  • Any screenshot or document explaining the return policy.
  • Any additional document to help prove that the customer indeed wanted the services or product sold.

If the original sale was made within a Point of Sale device or gateway associated with Complete Merchant Solutions you can open up the details of the original transaction by selecting the Transaction Information link as shown below.

For general information about this product, see Dispute (Chargebacks) in the Getting Started section.

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