User roles

Every Nexio account can have several users. Each user must have a specific user role.

The possible user roles are View only, API user, Standard, and Administrator. By default, every new sandbox account has two users: an Administrator and an API user.

The following table shows the actions, tasks, and features that each role has access to:

Role /
View onlyAPI userStandardAdministrator
Access DashboardYesNYesYes
View all data and reportsYesYesYesYes
Manage usersNNNYes
Manage item routingNNNYes
Access MIDsAdmin-assignedAdmin-assignedAdmin-assignedAll
Do actionable itemsNYes (through API)Yes (through Dashboard)Yes (through Dashboard)

An Administrator user can manage the account users in the Dashboard. Go to Settings > User Management to view, add, and delete users.

An Administrator can access all MIDs on the account. For the other users, the Administrator can assign all account MIDs or a subset of those for each user.



If a new MID gets added to an account, the system automatically assigns it to the Administrator users. An Administrator user then needs to assign that new MID to other users as appropriate.

Actionable items are tasks such as the following:

  • Voiding a transaction
  • Capturing an auth-only transaction
  • Refunding a transaction
  • Approving transactions awaiting fraud review
  • Accessing virtual terminal
  • Disputing a chargeback

The API user should be used when providing credentials for any API endpoint that requires basic authentication.