Next tasks

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After you have successfully made your first request, you are ready to move on.

The next tasks you have will depend on your needs and focus. The following options are some of the most common paths that you might take.

Testing in sandbox

After you have credentials and your sandbox set up, you can start sending requests and testing our products and features.

You can use any of the following to help you develop your site in the sandbox:

Nexio dashboard

Nexio dashboard

See transactions and manage some settings.

Access the dashboard →

API Reference Try It

Try It

Try out API requests from the API Reference. See the endpoint description for information about how to use the feature, then provide the necessary content, either through the request body area or through the examples in the Try It area.

Try it out →



Recipes walk developers through a code sample step by step to help them get started with our APIs faster. There are recipes for creating a backend server and several different web pages for a frontend.

Explore recipes →

Nexio iframe tester

Nexio iframe tester

Try out several API requests from a web browser.

Open tester →



Download and explore our Postman collection, then start sending test requests without writing any code.

To learn more about making requests, start with the Base URLs and environments topic in the Getting Started section.

Run in Postman →

Code examples on GitHub

Code examples on GitHub

Get more code samples (including PHP, Node, C#, and plugin examples for WooCommerce and Magento).

Open GitHub →

Production environment

After you are done with your integration and testing in the sandbox environment, you are ready for the next step: moving to a production environment.

For that to happen, your implementation needs to be reviewed and certified before live credentials are provided.

If you need additional details, contact your sales rep or Nexio account manager.