View transaction async status

Gets information about the specified asynchronous transaction. Use this for tracking 3D Secure (3DS) transactions submitted through the Run card transaction or Run card transaction with iframe endpoint.

Set the check3ds parameter to true in the Create one-time-use token endpoint to have the system return the asyncTraceId parameter for use in the path parameter for this endpoint. For a tutorial on the entire 3DS workflow, see the Using 3DS to run transactions topic.

For 3DS transactions, the history object progresses through the following flow for a successful payment:

  • processFromApi
  • iframe
  • popup
  • finale
  • See also

    For tracking transactions for alternative payment methods (APMs), see the View APM transaction async status endpoint.

    Request parameters

    • asyncTraceId

    Response parameters

    • gatewayResponse
    • gatewayResponse.refNumber
    • gatewayResponse.gatewayName
    • history.processFromApi
    • history.processFromApi.initiatedAt
    • history.processFromApi.updatedAt
    • history.processFromApi.state
    • history.iframe
    • history.iframe.initiatedAt
    • history.iframe.updatedAt
    • history.iframe.state
    • history.popup
    • history.popup.initiatedAt
    • history.popup.updatedAt
    • history.popup.state
    • history.finale
    • history.finale.initiatedAt
    • history.finale.updatedAt
    • history.finale.state
    • updatedAt
    • initialTransactionStatus
    • createdAt
    • asyncTraceId
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