View card token details

Allows you to view details of a specific card token. Card tokens can be used to process through any MID on your account. They are not restricted to a specific merchant account or currency.


Try It

To use the Try It feature for this endpoint, you can use the credentials for your Sandbox API user.

You can also use the following test account. Copy the value and paste it into the appropriate space in the Try It section to the right.
username: [email protected]
password: JZdzoXpdDeH6VA

Include a saved card token in the path parameter of the request.

Request parameters

  • cardToken

Response parameters

  • accountUpdaterStatus
  • card.expirationMonth
  • card.expirationYear
  • card.cardHolderName
  • data
  • data.customer
  • data.customer.billToAddressOne
  • data.customer.billToAddressTwo
  • data.customer.billToCity
  • data.customer.billToCountry
  • data.customer.billToPhone
  • data.customer.billToPostal
  • data.customer.billToState
  • data.customer.birthDate
  • data.customer.createdAtDate
  • data.customer.customerRef
  • data.customer.firstName
  • data.customer.invoice
  • data.customer.lastName
  • data.customer.orderNumber
  • data.customer.shipToAddressOne
  • data.customer.shipToAddressTwo
  • data.customer.shipToCity
  • data.customer.shipToCountry
  • data.customer.shipToPhone
  • data.customer.shipToPostal
  • data.customer.shipToState
  • dateCreated
  • dateLastModified
  • merchantId
  • shouldUpdateCard
  • tokenex
  • tokenex.cardType
  • tokenex.firstSix
  • tokenex.lastFour
  • tokenex.token
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