Create APM one-time-use token

A token from this endpoint is necessary prior to loading any of the Alternative Payment Method (APM) iframes or running a transaction using an APM.

Any data (amount, currency, and so forth) that you want to be sent to the alternate payment method must be included in the body of this request. For details about each APM, as well as test cards and accounts, see Payment methods.

For a tutorial about how to make use of this endpoint, see the Run a sale transaction topic.



After a token has been used to submit an iframe it cannot be used to load another. You must request a new APM one-time-use token prior to submitting each iframe.


Try It

To use the Try It feature for this endpoint, you can use the credentials for your Sandbox API user.

You can also use the following test account (that is connected with PayPal). Copy the value and paste it into the appropriate space in the Try It section to the right.
username: [email protected]
password: JZdzoXpdDeH6VA

Include any other parameters that you need for the body of the request, depending on what you are using the one-time-use token for, and which payment method you want to use. For details about each one, as well as test cards and accounts, see Payment methods.

Request parameters

  • isAuthOnly
  • data
  • data.amount
  • data.currency
  • data.customer
  • data.customer.firstName
  • data.customer.lastName
  • data.customer.customerRef
  • data.customer.orderNumber
  • data.customer.billToAddressOne
  • data.customer.billToAddressTwo
  • data.customer.billToCity
  • data.customer.billToCountry
  • data.customer.billToPhone
  • data.customer.billToPostal
  • data.customer.billToState
  • data.customer.birthDate
  • data.customer.invoice
  • data.customer.shipToAddressOne
  • data.customer.shipToAddressTwo
  • data.customer.shipToCity
  • data.customer.shipToCountry
  • data.customer.shipToPhone
  • data.customer.shipToPostal
  • data.customer.shipToState
  • data.cart
  • data.cart.items
  • data.cart.items.item
  • data.cart.items.description
  • data.cart.items.quantity
  • data.cart.items.price
  • data.cart.items.type
  • data.cart.items.imageUrl
  • data.cart.items.productUrl
  • data.customFields
  • data.customFields.exampleKey
  • data.description
  • data.descriptor
  • data.descriptor.address
  • data.descriptor.state
  • data.descriptor.postal
  • data.descriptor.url
  • data.descriptor.merchantId
  • data.descriptor.mcc
  • data.dueDate
  • data.locale
  • data.paymentMethod
  • customerRedirectUrl
  • processingOptions
  • processingOptions.merchantId
  • processingOptions.doNotProcessPayment
  • processingOptions.paymentOptionTag
  • processingOptions.saveRecurringToken
  • uiOptions
  • uiOptions.displaySubmitButton
  • uiOptions.css

Response parameters

  • expiration
  • token
  • asyncTraceId
  • expressIFrameUrl
  • redirectUrls
  • redirectUrls.paymentMethod
  • redirectUrls.url
  • buttonIFrameUrls
  • buttonIFrameUrls.paymentMethod
  • buttonIFrameUrls.url
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