Submit payouts

Allows you to submit one or more payouts in the body of an API request.

Payouts can be made to existing recipients or you can create a recipient at the same time as submitting a payout by including the amount and currency for the payout as well as the required parameters for a recipient.

Required payout parameters

The required parameters for a payout are the following:
    - amount
    - currency
    - The required recipient parameters

Required recipient parameters

For sending a payout to an existing recipient, you must specify one or more of the following recipient parameters (if you specify more than one, they are prioritized in the given order):
    - recipientRef
    - recipientId
    - email
Note: The system ignores any other recipient parameters that you include.

For sending a payout to a new recipient, you must include at least the following recipient parameters:
    - recipientRef
    - email
    - firstName
    - lastName
    - country
You may also optionally include any of the other parameters for creating a recipient.



For the payout provider Interchecks, if you pass a value for one of the recipientIdNumbers parameters when creating a new recipient, you cannot update any recipient information with Update recipient endpoint.


Try It

To use the Try It feature for this endpoint, you must use the credentials for your Sandbox API user.

Include all the required parameters for a payout and a recipient, depending on whether this is for a new or existing recipient (see above).

Request parameters

  • payouts
  • payouts.amount
  • payouts.currency
  • payouts.recipient
  • payouts.recipient.recipientRef
  • payouts.recipient.recipientId
  • payouts.recipient.firstName
  • payouts.recipient.lastName
  • payouts.recipient.providerId
  • payouts.recipient.userType
  • payouts.recipient.gender
  • payouts.recipient.birthDate
  • payouts.recipient.countryOfBirth
  • payouts.recipient.countryOfNationality
  • payouts.recipient.currency
  • payouts.recipient.addressType
  • payouts.recipient.addressLine1
  • payouts.recipient.addressLine2
  • payouts.recipient.region
  • payouts.recipient.postalCode
  • payouts.recipient.phoneNumber
  • payouts.recipient.phoneNumberCountry
  • payouts.recipient.mobileNumber
  • payouts.recipient.mobileNumberCountry
  • payouts.recipient.governmentIdType
  • payouts.recipient.recipientIdNumbers
  • payouts.recipient.recipientIdNumbers.governmentId
  • payouts.recipient.recipientIdNumbers.passportId
  • payouts.recipient.recipientIdNumbers.employerId
  • payouts.recipient.recipientIdNumbers.driversLicenseId
  • payouts.description
  • payouts.payoutRef
  • batchRef

Response parameters

  • message
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