Submit payouts

Allows you to submit one or more payouts in the body of an API request.

Payouts can be made to existing recipients or you can create a recipient at the same time as submitting a payout by including the amount and currency for the payout as well as the required parameters for a recipient.

Required payout parameters

The required parameters for a payout are the following:
    - amount
    - currency
    - The required recipient parameters

Required recipient parameters

For sending a payout to an existing recipient, you must specify one or more of the following recipient parameters (if you specify more than one, they are prioritized in the given order):
    - recipientRef
    - recipientId
    - email
Note: The system ignores any other recipient parameters that you include.

For sending a payout to a new recipient, you must include at least the following recipient parameters:
    - recipientRef
    - email
    - firstName
    - lastName
    - country
You may also optionally include any of the other parameters for creating a recipient.


For the payout provider Interchecks, if you pass a value for one of the recipientIdNumbers parameters when creating a new recipient, you cannot update any recipient information with Update recipient endpoint.

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