Changelog for February 2023

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during February 2023.

Content changes

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
FixPaymentsUpdated the Save card token endpoint to remove the requirement for authentication and to clarify which parameters to include in the body of the request. The use of the one-time-use token in the body takes the place of the need for authentication. (2/15/2023)
EnhancementReportingAdded the linkedChargebackId parameter to response for the View transaction by payment ID and View transaction by transaction ID endpoints. If the system does not find a chargeback for the transaction, the value is null. However, if the system does find an associated chargeback, the system returns the chargeback ID. (2/15/2023)
FixReportingThe transactionDetails.paymentToken parameter has been removed from all the Reporting endpoints. Now, you must get the paymentToken at the time of a payment request. (2/15/2023)
EnhancementAllWe have created a test account ([email protected]) that you can use to try out the Nexio API. This account works with many endpoints in the API Reference section. Each endpoint now has a "Try It" note that provides information about authentication with your own or the test account, as well as important information to use the feature successfully.

It is not possible to access the dashboard with the test account login information. In order to do that, and to try out all of the endpoints, please create your own sandbox account. (2/8/2023)

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