Changelog for January 2024

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during January 2024.

Content changes

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementPaymentsIt is now possible to save a card token for a retail transaction that is run using a terminal. When you specify true for the processingOptions.saveCardToken parameter when running the transaction (such as in the Process transaction from terminal request), the system creates this token. You can retrieve this token for a transaction with the View terminal transaction status endpoint. (1/10/2024)
EnhancementPaymentsThe View surcharge recommendation endpoint has been updated. When submitting the request using a saved card token (tokenex.token), if that card token already has the data.customer.billToState value set, you do not need to include it in this request. The API Reference has been updated to include this information, and an additional request example has been added to the Try It feature. (1/10/2024)
FixPaymentsPreviously, the API Reference documentation for the Create one-time-use token endpoint indicated that you could use the ISO-8601 date format in UTC for data.customer.birthDate. This is valid, but the example given did not work because the system requires the ISO date to include 3 digits of milliseconds. The documentation has been updated to indicate this information. Also, it should be noted that the date must be UTC only -- time offset from UTC is not supported. (1/5/2024)

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