Changelog for July 2022

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during July 2022.

Content changes

  • Changed the Test cards topic to include information about where to find test card information because valid information depends on the connection and payment method being used.
  • Updated description for the 409 error code. (7/28/2022)
  • Added information about getting credentials through the new sandbox creation feature in the Requirements topic. (7/27/2022)
  • New glossary feature shows a popup definition when you hover your mouse cursor over a linked term (displayed with dotted underline). (7/27/2022)
  • "Last updated" timestamp added to bottom of every page. (7/6/2022)
  • New site feature for voting whether a topic is useful. (7/6/2022)
  • New search feature possible that allows you to limit results to specific areas. (7/6/2022)

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementReportingChanged the display name of the POST chargeback/v3/dispute endpoint to "Dispute a chargeback".
FixPayoutsUpdated wording and links for downloading sample zip files in the Submit payouts using batch file endpoint.
EnhancementPayoutsReorganized Payouts endpoints into Recipients, Payouts, or Spendbacks groups.
FixPaymentsRemoved the "required" option for several parameters because they depend on the connection and payment method. Included links to the appropriate integration guides:

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