Changelog for December 2022

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during December 2022.

Content changes

  • Updated PayPal integration guide with more information and examples. (12/21/2022)
  • Updated events and examples for legacy webhooks to show information about Payouts and Spendbacks. For additional details, see Legacy webhooks and event types and Legacy webhook body examples. (12/21/2022)
  • Added several Recipes that a developer can copy and create a basic application. There are recipes for creating a backend server, a save card iframe page, a checkout page with your own form, and a payment confirmation page. (12/14/2022)
  • Added capability to view the entire Nexio Developer Portal in Dark mode, Light mode, or based on system settings. You can access this setting in the upper right corner of the page, next to your user name (or "Log In" button when not logged in), by clicking the icon to cycle through showing the sun or moon. (12/7/2022)
  • Added dueDate format information in the "Required and optional fields" section for the Paynet integration guide and the SPEI integration guide. (12/7/2022)

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementDev ToolsAdded PAYOUT and SPENDBACK as options for the legacy webhooks. For more information, see Create legacy merchant webhooks. (12/21/2022)
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated format information for the dueDate parameter in the Create APM one-time-use token endpoint. (12/7/2022)
EnhancementPaymentsAdded the View currency conversion rates endpoint for MCP (multi-currency pricing). You can use this endpoint to retrieve a list of currencies and their current conversion rates in order to convert your prices into the customer's local currency. This endpoint only works with the Planet through ACI gateway connection. To enable your merchant account for retrieving the currency conversion rates, contact Integrations Support. (12/7/2022)
EnhancementReseller ServicesMade clarifications to several different parameters in the Create online application endpoint. Specified the length requirements for phone number and some ID parameters. Fixed capitalization for the owner title and the card present and not present parameters. (12/7/2022)

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