Changelog for June 2023

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during June 2023.

Content changes

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementPayments, ReportingWe've added the nsu parameter to the responses for a few endpoints. The system only returns this parameter for transactions using the BRL currency through specific gateways. You must save this value for compliance purposes. Therefore, you should set up your payments so that when the transaction uses BRL currency you should check for the presence of the nsu parameter in the response. And, if it is there, save it with any other transaction details.

The nsu parameter and value get returned for the following endpoints:

EnhancementAllWith the new ability to log in to the DevPortal using your sandbox credentials, you can now view your Dashboard and API user accounts and keys in the Try It area of endpoint documentation. Click the new button to the right of the login area to see a list of users. Select the one you want to use and the system puts the user name and key in the login area. In addition, the description area of the endpoint now includes a list of previous uses of the Try It feature and the results. Clicking a record shows the response received in the Response area. (6/21/2023)
EnhancementReseller ServicesAdded the View application by onboarding ID endpoint that allows resellers to view the status of onboarding merchant applications. Also updated the Create online application endpoint to add the onboardingId parameter to the response. (6/7/2023)
EnhancementDev ToolsUpdated reference information for the webhook endpoints due to the addition of webhooks related to onboarding applications See Register webhook URLs and View webhook URLs by ID and type. (6/7/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsClarified information about the payment ID returned in the responses for transactions for the Run card transaction and Run echeck transaction endpoints. (6/7/2023)
EnhancementReportingClarified the differences and use of paymentId and transactionId in the appropriate endpoints of View transaction by payment ID, View transaction by transaction ID, and View transactions. (6/7/2023)
EnhancementManagementUpdated the Who am I endpoint with response information related to updates to the Account Updater feature. (6/7/2023)

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