Changelog for May 2023

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during May 2023.

Content changes

  • Added the Handling a legacy webhook for Account Updater topic with general information about requirements, and updated the Legacy webhook body examples topic with information about what to do (if anything) when the Account Updater webhooks are returned. (5/31/2023)
  • Updated the Common errors topic to include additional error codes and suggestions for troubleshooting those errors. (5/17/2023)
  • Added the What data is saved with tokens? topic to help integrators understand the differences between one-time-use tokens and saved card/echeck tokens. as well as the differences in what data is stored in each. (5/17/2023)
  • Updated the 3DS requirements topic with information about how some merchants may have 3DS enabled by default and how it impacts the requirements. (5/10/2023)

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated the View terminal transaction status endpoint to include documentation for all the returned parameters. (5/31/2023)
EnhancementManagementUpdated the Who am I endpoint to include all returned objects and parameters, including additional information about the parameters that are returned. (5/24/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsAdded text to all applicable parameters for the Create one-time-use token, Save card token, and Save echeck token endpoints indicating which ones are saved to the one-time-use token and the saved card/echeck token. (5/17/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated the check3ds parameter in the Run card transaction endpoint to include information about how the default is set and how to use it. (5/10/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated information in the card object for the Save card token and Run card transaction (for sending raw card data) endpoints to be more clear about what is required and optional, including more information about PCI scope and the securityCode parameter. (5/10/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated the description for the parameter in the View transactions, View transaction by transaction ID, and View transactions by payment ID endpoints. This parameter is for Nexio's internal purposes and is auto-generated. (5/10/2023)

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