Changelog for February 2024

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during February 2024.

Content changes

  • Updated the Klarna integration guide with information about the locale parameter and how it interacts with billToCountry and currency and can be used to display a payment page to the customer in the specified language. In addition, we added new parameters for Klarna integrations: productUrl and imageUrl. (2/28/2024)
  • Updated all the Retail tutorials in Guides with comprehensive instructions and code samples. This is intended to assist the developer in setting up and using the Retail iframe and processes. For more information and links to each tutorial, see the Getting started with retail topic. (2/28/2024)

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementPaymentsAdded the data.cart.productUrl and data.cart.imageUrl parameters to the Create APM one-time-use token endpoint for Klarna. Also added the data.locale parameter that is used with data.customer.BillToCountry and data.currency to display the payment page to the customer in the specified language. (2/28/2024)
EnhancementReportingAdded the View deposit summary endpoint for getting a summary of all deposits with the given range for the specified merchant ID or IDs. (2/28/2024)
EnhancementManagementAdded the View merchants by IDendpoint to get information for one or more merchant accounts associated with the API user. (2/28/2024)
FixPaymentsPreviously, for the echeck endpoints, such as Save echeck token, the bank.accountHolderName was unclear about how to handle business accounts. This parameter now specifies that the value should match the name on the account, whether a person or a business. (2/7/2024)
EnhancementPaymentsThe schedule.initialBillingAmount parameter has been updated to indicate that the value can also be zero (0). In conjunction with this, the Create a subscription endpoint has been updated to indicate that it is not possible to have a customer skip a month's payment for a current subscription. Instead, you need to delete the current one and recreate it with a zero amount for the initial billing amount. (2/7/2024)

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