Changelog for August 2023

This changelog covers changes to the documentation and API Reference during August 2023.

Content changes

API changelog

Enhancement/FixAPI ReferenceDescription
EnhancementPaymentsAdded the View surcharge recommendation endpoint for verifying whether surcharging is recommended for a credit card transaction based on the customer's billing state and proposed payment method. (8/23/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated the Refund a transaction endpoint to include the refundReason parameter, which is used with the PayU Colombia connection. (8/23/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsIt is now possible to update the cardType, firstSix, and lastFour parameters for the Update card token endpoint. The system also validates now that the expirationMonth is a value between 1 and 12, with or without a leading zero (0). (8/16/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsAdded the data.surcharge parameter to the Create one-time-use token and Run card transaction endpoints. This feature allows merchants to include a surcharge amount as part of a card transaction for addresses in the United States. This feature currently works with the NMI or Nexio mock gateway connection. (8/16/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated the installment object in the Create one-time-use token and Run card transaction endpoints with information about how to use this feature, which gateways/connections are supported, and what valid values are for the installment.period parameter. (8/9/2023)
EnhancementPaymentsUpdated the View a subscription, Update a subscription, Delete a subscription, and View customer subscriptions endpoints to clarify the differences between subscriptions and payment plans. Also fixed the response information to include all returned parameters. Added example request and response bodies for the Try It feature. (8/9/2023)

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